More questions? We get it. Let's dive into a few things...

I have so many photos!? How and where do I start?

We've all been there and few of us have our photos organized - hats off if you do! It's completely normal to have a ton of photos and videos. Don't stress, we've thought this through and tried and tested our methods. We will provide you with a guide on how to select the photos and share them with us. We break things down and make it easy as for you. This exercise is low on effort, but the return is oh-so-high! 

How exactly do I "share" my photos?

A frequently asked question. It really is simple - where do your photos live? On Google / your desktop / your iphone / somewhere else? Based on the platform you currently use we will provide you with easy to follow instructions to share the photos and videos. You will share the photos online with us (using our instructions), we will download your photos and start working on your film.

Can you see my private photos and videos in the sharing process?

Absolutely not. We only see what you share with us.  

Can I get a short trailer of my film?

Definitely. You will receive a short trailer film with all of our Family Film options. It's part of our core offering.  We can discuss how you will be sharing this trailer and then decide on the appropriate length for your needs. We usually offer a 60 second (for Instagram) option and an "up to 3 minutes" option. 

Are there restrictions to the photos and the music you will use?

Yes there are. We like to keep things simple and legal and will use a music database that we subscribe to with the correct licensing to add music to your film. Luckily we are picky about music and have chosen a pretty cool database to suit everyone's needs :) 

We are happy to use most photos, but we are obviously careful using photos of children and may from time to time exclude a photo or part thereof to ensure your children's bodies aren't exposed in a way that may be deemed inappropriate by some.

How does payment work?

It's a 2-step process. You pay 50% once we have received your files and 50% on final delivery of your films. (This is usually about 3-4 weeks apart).